Elevate your workout.

Pre-Order HeartBeats - $129

HeartBeats is your new workout partner. Featuring built in Premium Bluetooth Earbuds, you’ll never have to workout without music again. Pre-Order yours today, and receive up to 6 months extended warranty on your HeartBeats watch.


Heart Rate

Keep track of your heartrate and get real time feedback with HeartBeats’ medical grade heart rate monitor.

Step Counter

See your progress and keep track of your running with HeartBeats’ step counter, perfect for track athletes.

Blood Pressure

With HeartBeat’s heartrate monitor, you can also get an accurate blood pressure reading wherever you go. 


Stay on top of your day with live notifications from your smartphone, displayed on HeartBeats’ screen.


Keep going rain or shine; HeartBeats is splashproof for most light water coverage.

Built In Earbuds.

Never worry about losing or forgetting to charge your headphones again. HeartBeats features a pair of Premium Bluetooth Earbuds, that are stored under the display screen. Even when not in use, HeartBeats charges your earbuds, so you’ll never have to worry about not having music while you workout.

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